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No Day Without a Line: Day 52


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No Day Without a Line: Day 51


No Day Without a Line: Day 50


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No Day Without a Line: Day 49


No Day Without a Line: Week 7 Review

In week seven I...
  • Worked on the most difficult picture I've drawn to date.
  • Captured some lovely Valentine's memories with ink and watercolor.
  • Created magnets and mugs for sale featuring my artwork from January.
  • Visited a friend's first art show, which further inspired me to pursue my own first show when I'm done with this series.
"Pop!" (Day 42) - When I started this drawing I didn't realize that popcorn was going to be the most complicated thing I've ever tried to draw. The thing about popcorn is that it's completely unpredictable....each kernel is unique, there's no repetitive shapes, no rhyme or reason.

"Spotted Beauties" (Day 43) - I already drew striped orchids for Day's amazing how similar, yet different these spotted ones are. I look forward to finding more orchid varieties to draw throughout the year.

"Unfurled" (Day 44) - My husband, Ed, bought me roses for Valentine's day....peachy pink roses just like the ones I had in my bridal bouquet. I captured this rose at the perfect moment, when the blossom was at it's peak of opening, the petals spread out displaying the entirety of this gorgeous bloom.

"Sweetness" (Day 45) - When Ed and I first started dating we lived together in Vermont for three years. I discovered Lake Champlain Chocolates there (which are hands-down the best chocolates I've ever had). Every year for Valentine's Day Ed buys me a heart-shaped box of Lake Champlain Chocolates, and it reminds me of the early years of our relationship, when we were in the process of falling deeply in love.

"Overlooked" (Day 46) - Sometimes the leaves of flowering plants can be as interesting as the flowers themselves. The leaves from my Valentine's Day roses were a bold green, with deep veins and feathered edges, and tapered to a point.

"Bouquet" (Day 47) - I'm glad I painted these roses before they faded away...the fresh blooms only lasted a few days. Part of what I'm really enjoying about this daily art series is that I'm capturing memories throughout the year. My Valentine's flowers may be wilted and the chocolates might be eaten, but my drawings will last forever.

"Tools of the Trade" (Day 48) - I went to a friend's art show on Saturday...his medium of choice is the Etch-a-Sketch (you can check his work out here). I was amazed at all the tiny details he includes in his etches. It totally inspired me to try to create a drawing packed with an abundance of miniature objects. Getting all this visual information on a 4" x 6" piece of watercolor paper was definitely a challenge!

Working on this series has definitely forced me to look more closely at the world around me, to find beauty and inspiration in the little things. Hopefully I've inspired you to take a closer look at the ordinary things in your lives as well!

No Day Without a Line: Day 48


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