Saturday, February 9, 2013

No Day Without a Line: Day 40


No Day Without a Line: Art for Sale! (Days 1-31)

Prints and Cards and Canvases, oh my!

I'm excited to announce that I have prints and note cards of all 31 images from January for sale at my Zazzle store, as well as canvas prints of some of the most popular images from the month.

The prints are all 4" x 6" and are available on a variety of matte and glossy papers. Zazzle has many matting and framing options to choose from.

The cards are available in two sizes, a smaller note card size and a larger greeting card size, and can be customized with your own text to make them perfect for any occasion.

The canvas prints are all custom sized, based on the original artwork. The images on these premium quality prints are wrapped around stretcher bars on all four sides, so that no framing is necessary!

Zazzle sells a wide variety of products...everything from mugs to t-shirts to iPhone cases. I'll be adding new categories of items for sale in my Zazzle store in the coming weeks (next up, magnets). In the mean time, if there's an image from days 1-31 that you'd like on a specific item, let me know and I'll make sure that it's available for you!

As for the original paintings...I'm saving them all for an art show after I've completed the series, where they will all be matted, framed and available for purchase.

No Day Without a Line: Day 39


Thursday, February 7, 2013

No Day Without a Line: Day 38


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No Day Without a Line: Day 37


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Day Without a Line: Day 36


Monday, February 4, 2013

No Day Without a Line: Day 35


No Day Without a Line: Week 5 Review

What a week it's been! I finished my first full month of this series and started my second. I tried my hand at drawing some fairly complicated subjects (glass is quite the challenge, and I had no idea that pineapples were so colorful). I started researching portfolio organization, joining a local artist association, getting a solo show at the local library and self-publishing an art book. My husband, Ed, and I spent all weekend scanning, cropping, organizing, and uploading all 31 pieces from January so I can create note cards, prints and other art-merchandise for sale (more on that soon)!

This little project of mine has turned into full-time job. I've been staying up way too late working on art, drafting blog posts in my mind throughout the day, writing never-ending art-related task lists, searching for inspiration for my next drawing everywhere I go, and creating spreadsheets to track social media response to my work. Each day is long and exhausting...and I'm loving every single minute of it!

"Pile-up" (Day 28) - Another picture in the series of toys I've been drawing for my son Dylan's room (I've already done Legos, toy trains, play food, wooden blocks and magic markers). The best part about being an artist is being able to create special art for the people I love.

"Spring for Sale" (Day 29) - There was a large, colorful display of golden daffodils at the entrance to the grocery store the other day. I had to stop and linger by the rich saturated colors of the blooms.

"Everyday Decadence" (Day 30) - My in-laws own a pair of gorgeous celadon glass goblets, and I get to drink out of one every time I go there for dinner. It's so wonderfully luxurious (and pretty entertaining to drink out of such a fancy glass while eating a regular dinner on a Wednesday night).

"After the Storm" (Day 31) - There was a tumultuous storm in the middle of the night on Tuesday, with loud winds and dense clouds and winter rain. It passed on Wednesday morning, bringing blue skies and sunshine, a welcome sight on a cold February day.

"Rainbow in a Jar" (Day 32) - I love that colored pencils come in every color imaginable. So much color brings so much possibility!

"Ripe" (Day 33) - I was so tempted to eat these pears while I was working on this painting (and I totally devoured one when I was finished with this piece.) They were at the perfect peak of ripeness, the flesh soft but not mealy, dripping with juice and full of sweetness.

"Not-so-guilty Pleasure" (Day 34) - Pineapples are hands-down my favorite fruit, but I don't eat them very often. I really try to eat local food as often as possible, and focus on local fruit whenever it's in season (berries and stone fruit and apples are so abundant here). But in the winter I allow myself the luxury of fresh pineapple.

I'm excited to see where week 6 takes me. I feel like I'm learning so much about myself in this process....what inspires me, how my life is filled with beauty, how grateful I am for my wonderfully supportive family and friends, and that I have what it takes to pursue my dreams.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

No Day Without a Line: Day 34


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