Monday, February 11, 2013

No Day Without a Line: Week 6 Review

In week six I...
  • Reached the 10% completion point for this year-long project (I can't believe we're more than 10% through 2013 already, holy moley!)
  • Drew my 8th tree, 4th flower, and 10th produce still-life of the's interesting to see which subjects I keep being drawn to.
  • Posted lots of art for sale in my Zazzle store.
  • Sold my first three prints from this series!

"Everyday Exotic" (Day 35) - Orchids are one my favorite flowers (and I'll probably draw/paint many of them throughout the course of this year) a child I thought they were special and exotic. As an adult, I still marvel every time I see an orchid plant for sale at the regular grocery store.

"At the Table" (Day 36) - Before our son was born I used to make an event out of dinner with my husband...meals cooked from scratch served by candlelight with cloth napkins and soft music playing in the background. It was our way to unwind from the day and reconnect with each other. I think it's time to bring that back (minus the candles...toddlers and fire don't mix well).

"The Roots" (Day 37) - We got our final winter share from our CSA on Wednesday...over 30 lbs. of (mostly) root vegetables. I'll miss getting fresh vegetables from our farm in the coming months while I wait for the regular season to start in June.

"February Sunrise" (Day 38) - It's been a few weeks since I got to witness a spectacular glad I woke up in time to see this one on Thursday!

"Insides Revealed" (Day 39) - It's always a gamble buying can never tell if the insides are going to be smooth and brilliant green, or if there will be brown spots hiding beneath the dark exterior. 

"Grayscale" (Day 40) - The world was white and grey during the snow storm on Friday, all color disappearing beneath a blanket of clouds and snow.

"Unfurled" (Day 41) - Before yesterday, I'd never looked very closely at tulips. I always assumed that their upright clustered petals were all that there was to see. I took a peek inside a brilliant red tulip yesterday, and what I saw was more complex and beautiful than I had ever imagined. 

Looking back at the week, and at the art I created so far this year I can definitely see my style and technique evolving (as my husband put it, I've really "stepped up my game in February.") I'm excited to see how my work will continue to change throughout the year!

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