Friday, February 1, 2013

No Day Without a Line: Best of January

I've been taking a look today at all of my artwork from January. I still can't believe that I created 31 original works of art in 31 days. 

Here are the top five pieces of art for January based on viewer response on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and this website (I made a fancy-pants spreadsheet to calculate the data). It was fantastic seeing which images y'all were drawn to!

1. "Ghosts of Summers Past" (Day 21) - This is the piece that got the most attention in January, and I can understand why. It's got such a variety of shapes, colors and textures. Plus it's pretty darn nice to look at art that reminds you of warm days on the beach when it's cold and dreary outside!

2. "Sycamore" (Day 14) - I did lots of paintings of tree limbs against the sky in January (six of them!) It's a subject that I love to paint. I usually depict scenes like this using oil paints, so trying to use watercolors instead was a real challenge. I look forward to creating more of these landscapes throughout the year, in different seasons.

3. "Meta" (Day 26) - This was my personal favorite of the month, and I'm so glad everyone else really liked it too! It was so much fun painting the palette in this piece, getting to use a variety of colors and brush strokes.

4. Ornamental (Day 19) - I think this was one of my best pieces this month, mostly because I was drawing something that comes really naturally to me. Some people are great at figure drawing or portraiture or landscapes. My talent is for depicting flowers and leaves, fruits and vegetables.

5. "Joy" (Day 22) - I'm excited this one made it into the top five this month, because it makes me happy every time I look at it.

And here are a few thoughts on how the month went...

1. Why in the world did I decided to start this series in the winter when it's so darn hard for me to find inspiration? In the spring there are flowers everywhere, in the summer there's gorgeous produce from farmer's markets, and in the fall there are apples and pumpkins and colorful leaves. But the winter is so cold and gray.

2. Creating art is really, really hard when you're sick with a fever. But I managed to do it (hooray!) I'm interested to see what other challenges this year will throw my way, and find ways to keep this series going no matter what.

3. My favorite drawings aren't necessarily your favorite drawings. It was fascinating seeing who liked which images in January. For example, my husband adores all of my tree and sky pictures (even though I prefer my produce drawings).

4. This project is turning out to be bigger than I had originally expected. I've already had folks asking about buying prints of January's art, and others suggesting I have a solo art show at the end of the year, and publish a book called "No Day Without a Line." All of these things are in the works, and I couldn't possibly be more excited about them!

5. I couldn't have made it this far without your support. Every single "like" and comment means more to me than you could possibly imagine! Thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement.

I hope everyone had as a great a of a month in January as I did. And I'm excited to see where February will take me and my art...stay tuned to find out!

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