Monday, August 20, 2012

The Still Life: Vacation Elation

Our family was lucky enough to go away on vacation to Long Beach Island, New Jersey during the first full week of August. Here's a little peek at our week on the beach.

On our way.
The ocean beckons.
Ferris wheel fantasy.
Crossing the bridge to get to LBI.

Beach bums.
"Do Me a Flavor" - I love saying that.
Coolest cop car.
My fabulous sister- and mother-in-law.

We drank a lot of beer....a lot.
I wish mini golf pencils came with erasers.
Random carpet rainbow.
Rest stop abstract.

Sunny flowers and cloudy sunsets.
Vacation smiles
We also ate a lot of ice cream...a lot.
Just can't get enough.

Dylan meets the beach...and loves it.
Mini golf master.
Largest sunflower ever.
Playing in the sand (and eating some of it).

This trip was full of amazing moments, most of them not captured in photos (it's hard to take pics when your hands are busy building sand castles or holding dripping ice cream cones.) Some of my favorite memories will be...
  • Introducing Dylan to the ocean for the first time. The name "Dylan" means "great sea" or "son of the sea." We definitely named our little ocean-lover appropriately.
  • Dancing around to live Irish music with Dylan and my mom, remembering how my Grandma introduced me to the same songs when I was a wee one.
  • Date night with Ed. I asked him how I looked, and he told me I looked like a summer princess. Best husband ever.
  • Watching Dylan make friends with other vacation kids at the park...there's something incredibly heartwarming about watching tiny little toddlers meet each other and embrace in a long hug like they've know each other forever.
It was such a great trip, we're already planning to go back again next summer!

I hope y'all are enjoying these last few weeks of Summer, and that you've had a chance to go to the beach, stare out at the ocean and have your breath be taken away by the beauty and the enormity of it all.

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