Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Still Life: Everybody Loves a Parade

Here's a little glimpse at the past week in my quiet life as an artist and locavore.

Welcome Baby Girl Cutting!
Everybody loves a parade...
...especially one that includes vintage fire engines.
I can't believe I found cherries at the farmer's market in June!

Lovely little eggplants...future art project for sure!
I got business cards. I feel fancy.
"Triad" is coming along nicely.
Our first CSA delivery of the season included this gorgeous kohlrabi.

Tree hugger in training.
Someday I'll paint clouds on ginormous canvases.
New supplies came in!
Dylan inspecting our CSA greens.

Not gonna lie, this has been a pretty rough week. Ed, Dylan and I are all currently on the mend from horrible colds, I feel like I'm WAY behind on my art projects, I barely blogged at all in the past 7 days, and our apartment is a bit of a disaster. But looking back on these pics has made me realize that this week hasn't been that bad after all.

Saturday we took a road trip to Massachusetts to celebrate our friend Chrissy and Noah's baby shower, and despite driving for 8 hours in the pouring rain in one day, we had a great time. Sunday's sunshine meant a trip to the farmer's market and a hike and some ice cream. I managed to get some good work done on "Triad" early in the week before getting too sick. Wednesday we got our first CSA share of the year, and spent the evening with friends watching the annual fireman's parade march by our front door...Dylan was fascinated by the fire engines and the marching bands! (Oh, and it was also our third wedding anniversary...yay!)

The rest of the week all three of us were down for the count, drinking lots of tea, taking lots of naps, and watching lots of movies together. Luckily we're all starting to feel better, and I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal for Monday morning!

I hope the past week has been full of beauty, joy and inspiration for all of you too!

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