Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 NY Locavore Challenge: Day 4

Today was the fourth day in the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York's (NOFA-NY) 2012 Locavore Challenge, and it was a MUCH better day than yesterday. Cooking food from scratch in my own kitchen makes me feel so much more in control.

Today's Challenge: Share Your Challenge Via Social Media
This one was totally easy...I've already been talking about the challenge on facebook, twitter, instagram, you name it.

Today's Food: Fennel
I didn't purchase any fennel at the farmers market on Sunday (even though I love it) because our kitchen is currently overflowing with CSA veggies. Next time I have a veggie vacancy though, I'll be sure to get some, and will probably make this Apple Fennel Slaw recipe.

Today I:
  • Cooked three wonderful meals at home and enjoyed them with my family.
  • Ate local milk, peaches, raspberries, cheddar, tomatoes, garlic, broccoli, feta, and grapes.
  • Signed up for home milk delivery from Hudson Milk Company.
I hope y'all have had a great day, and that you're making steps in your own lives to eat more local foods!

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