Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 NY Locavore Challenge: Day 2

Today was the second day of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York's 2012 Locavore Challenge...and it was a great day for this locavore.

Today's Challenge: Make a Locavore Game-plan/Shopping List
I already eat a ton of nifty local foods, so I could just keep going as I have been, but that wouldn't really be a challenge, would it? So, here's my game-plan for trying to boost my locavore street-cred.
  • Veggies - I'll keep getting them from my amazeballs CSA share from Roxbury Farm...we get about 20 lbs of veggies a week which is plenty!
  • Fruit - we get some from our CSA, the rest I'll be buying from Gossett's Farmers Market and Muscoot Farmers Market (plus a few apple-picking trips to Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard).
  • Dairy - this is a major change we'll be making...I've been buying some cheese already at farmers markets, but milk, yogurt and at least half of our cheese has been coming from the super market (we buy organic, but I know we can do better than that!) I plan on signing up tomorrow for home delivery of local milk and dairy products from The Hudson Milk Company. Milk is such a major source of calories for our son Dylan, I really want to make sure he gets the best stuff out there!
  • Eggs - I always get these at the farmers market, usually from Gaia's Breath Farm...I love seeing all the varying sizes and colors of the different eggs, and the amazingly golden yolk when I crack them open.
  • Sweeteners - I'm really going to make a push to start using local maple syrup and honey more in my cooking/baking (I use raw organic sugar now)...the real question is how does honey taste in coffee? We're gonna find out!
  • Grains, Flour and Legumes - this one is probably the biggest change of all. I'm really excited that once we start running out of our currently dwindling supply of these items, I'll be buying the replacements from Cayuga Pure Organics. This also means I won't be buying any pre-made baked-goods, bread, tortillas, crackers, pretzels, pasta, etc. I'll be making them myself from scratch. It'll be a ton of work, but I think it'll really help us cut back on the amount of empty carbs we consume.
  • Nuts and Seeds - there's no way to get these grown locally, but you can find organic nuts and seeds that are grown in the USA and locally roasted...I'll be checking out Tierra Farms (which also sells organic, grown in the USA, dried fruit), and Once Again Nut Butter.
  • Beer - this one's super easy because we have so many amazing micro-breweries nearby. I'll be getting lots of stuff from Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, Brooklyn Brewery, and Blue Point Brewing Company to name a few (and will be trying to discover some new even smaller breweries along the way).
  • Coffee and Tea - we also can't get locally-grown coffee or tea, but we can get fair-trade locally roasted coffee and organic locally blended tea at the farmers market...looks like it's time to finally buy that coffee grinder I've been eyeing!
That's my basic's definitely going to be more expensive and more work than what I have been doing, but hopefully it will be something enjoyable enough and sustainable so I can keep it up long after this month-long challenge is over.
Today's Food: Eggplant
I didn't have a reason to make eggplant today (had a big BBQ to go to so no need to cook), but I DO have two lovely eggplants from my CSA sitting in my kitchen, waiting to be made into yummy stuff this week. I'll be making baba ghanoush out of one of them, and eggplant cutlets to freeze out of the other (they're super handy to have around).
Today I:
  • Made my locavore game-plan which I'm super excited about.
  • Made a wonderful breakfast for the family using peaches from our CSA.
  • Went to the Muscoot Farmers Market to get milk and cheese and fruit and other goodies.
  • Sampled beers from a handful of local breweries at our friends' BBQ (P.S. our friends are totally awesome).
  • Watched Dylan drink cup after cup of local milk...he just couldn't get enough!
I'd love to hear from any of you if you have locavore tips for me!

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