Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Still Life: Midsummer Moments

Here's a little glimpse at the past week in my quiet life as an artist and locavore.

Peach season is my favorite season.
Summer sunset silhouette.
Peace + Love = Joy
Dylan's "CSA Basket"

D dancing on a pizza box...awesome.
Recipe coming to the blog soon!
I totally had seconds of this.
Radio Flyer...classic.

Packing for vacation...piles of anticipation.
My lucky charm.
Pretty CSA pepper.
Saw these at Target and made me smile.

The McQuade family is going on vacation! We're heading to Long Beach Island, New Jersey, tomorrow for a whole week of building sand castles, eating way too much ice cream, and playing ski ball, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

This past week I was super busy running errands, making lists, cleaning, and packing for our trip. It was the good kind of busy, the kind that you move through with a spring in your step because you know that really good things are on the horizon.

Plus, I did manage to bake an amazeballs Peach Almond Crisp amidst all of the rushing around!

I hope the past week has been full of beauty, joy and inspiration for all of you too!

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