Friday, June 1, 2012

The Still Life: Strawberries and Peonies

Here's a little glimpse at the past week in my quiet life as an artist and locavore.

This was the most perfect little berry in the basket.
Oranges smell like sunshine.
I like making waffles...a lot.
I wish I could make a dress out of this gorgeous blossom.

Ghosts of watercolors past.
Remembering those who are too often forgotten.
Stars and stripes forever.
New project in the works.

Too hot for clothes!
Prepping for "Triad."
Just getting started.

Storm clouds rolling in.
Our peonies are finally blooming...Spring has arrived!
Perfect precious pink petals.
The sun and the storm.

This week has been strange, but then again, all weeks that start with a 3-day weekend feel strange to me. I spent Memorial Day weekend surrounded by flags and family, fluffy peonies and sweet little strawberries. We drowned in a heat wave on Monday and Tuesday - the only redeeming part of the warmth was the joy of watching Dylan crawl around in just his darn adorable! A beautiful storm rolled in, painting the sky with deep violets and slate colors, and relieving us from the sticky heat. The watercolored skies and flowers of Springtime inspired me to play with my paints this week for the first time in years. I hope the past week has been full of beauty, joy and inspiration for all of you too!

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