Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Still Life: Irises and Ice Cream Cones

Here's a little glimpse at the past week in my quiet life as an artist and locavore.

It's iris season...I want to paint them all.
Playing with my little monkey on Mother's Day morning.
Three-colored baked potato chips...the best idea I've had all week.
Purple scallions from Migliorelli Farm are my new obsession.

There's something magical about singing in Latin.
Goats are cute...the end.
Staring at the shiny hospital waiting room floor. 
Sitting down to work on Monday morning.

We went to King Kone twice last weekend...I have no regrets.
Blogger in training.
Ed's the master of playtime.
Don't forget to look up!

It's been a great week... I took trips to two farmer's markets (Gossett's and Muscoot), had a picnic in the park, Dylan ate his first King Kone ice cream, I saw the Avengers with my honey, cooked some amazing locally grown veggies, finished the graphite pencil study for "Triad", took my mom to have knee surgery (she's doing great), made some new blog friends and rehearsed with my lovely little church choir. I hope the past week has been full of beauty, joy and inspiration for all of you too!

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