Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eat/Art Local Links: Pretty Palettes and Pickled Turnips

Here's a roundup of some of my favorite food and art links this week....enjoy!

I totally agree with most of this list (especially #3..."Heat is the great equalizer when it comes to bagels.") My only point of contention is #14, because I LOVE radishes dipped and salt.

Helpful App for people who aren't familiar with the farmer's markets where they live, and who want to know what produce is in season.

"Organic eaters are more likely to seek benevolence in their food, so why don’t they seek it in their relationships?" 
Really interesting article about the elitism of organic food consumption...I try my best not to be judgmental about how other people eat, because goodness knows I'm no culinary saint!

Alana is so darn spot on when she describes darling little spring turnips as "delicate" and "erotic." This post makes me want to pickle things left and right (and re-watch episodes of Portlandia.)

I keep meaning to get to the Katonah Museum of Art to check out this exciting looking exhibit...maybe this weekend. (You should click on "view images from this exhibition" on the KMA site for a sneak peek!)

I recently discovered the art of Lisa Congdon and immediately fell in love. Her 365 Days of Hand Lettering blog posts always make me smile :) You should take a look!

It's no surprise to me that, when I paint. my palettes look like Vincent van Gogh's.

Really interesting article on what it takes to actually be a professional artist...I'm working my way there, slowly but surely!

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