Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eat/Art Local Links: Food in Jars and Shades of Jazz

Here's a roundup of some of my favorite food and art links this week....enjoy!

It'll be so much fun to play this with Dylan when he gets older!

What the World Eats (Shocking Photos) 
I was flabbergasted by these photographs of what families around the world eat in a week. I'm proud to say that what my family eats looks nothing like what the U.S. families shown here consume (we eat very little packaged/premade food and a lot more fresh produce).
Drying Herbs in a Solar Dehydrator 
I'd love to have one of these Solar Food Dehydrators in my yard someday...I'd also love to have a yard to put it in (I'm currently an apartment dweller.)
USDA is spending millions to give farmers markets technology to accept food stamps, serve more 
I love the idea of low-income families now being able to purchase fresh healthy food at farmer's markets!
Food in Jars 
This wonderful blog might give me the inspiration I need to finally use my canning equipment for the first time. Just in time to make jam during berry season!
Westchester County's Farmland: A Pictorial Guide 
It's amazing that all of these beautiful farms are just minutes away! I hope to visit some of them this summer.
I'm excited that John Scofield's Shades of Jazz concert series will be back this summer at the KMA. Tickets cost only $10 (for museum members), a great price for picnicing in the museum's sculpture garden, drinking complementary beer and wine, and enjoying some amazing music. Can you say "date night?!" 
I'd love to stop by the the Main House Artist Gallery  at Muscoot Farm to check out this show when I go to the Farmer's Market on Sunday. (I'd really love to exhibit my own work there someday!)
ArtsBash 2012 
Wishing we had $150 to spare (and a babysitter) so Ed and I could attend this AMAZING looking event held by ArtsWestchester (it's part of Westchester Magazine's Wine and Food Weekend). There's going to be a sculpture exhibit, fine wine, art studio tours, and food from over 20 local restaurants...essentially the best party ever. We'll definitely plan ahead to attend ArtsBash 2013!
Family ArtsBash 2012 
And if Dylan were older, we'd totally be attending this FREE event with art workshops, games, yummy treats and prizes for kiddos!
Lori McNee Fine Art & Tips 
I discovered the wonderful blog of artist Lori McNee this week...Lori posts all sorts of amazing tips for creating art, building an art business, and using social media effectively. Plus her artwork is amazing. I'm her new biggest fan.


  1. Lori, Thanks for mentioning our ArtsBash event-- We wish you could make it too!! You may be interested in our free Saturday family event as well (no babysitter necessary!). Unfortunately, the restaurants, wine and party vibe aren't there, but the exhibitions are still opened & there are tons of workshops, treats, games and prizes for kids! For more info, check out:

    We hope to see you on Saturday for Family ArtsBash AND at the 2013 ArtsBash!

    Mary Alice

    1. Thanks Mary Alice! The Family ArtsBash looks WONDERDUL...I updated my blog post to include info about that event too. My little guy Dylan is only 13 months old so he's probably too little for it, but I look forward to taking him to the Family ArtsBash when he gets older


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