Sunday, May 27, 2012

At the Market: Strawberry Season!

It was a busy, warm spring morning at Gossett's Farmer's Market yesterday. Most of my favorite vendors were there, selling their goodies. I picked up my eggs and cheese from Gaia's Breath Farm, and some fresh mozzarella from The Farmer's Daughter, but my FAVORITE stop of the morning was Madura Farms where they were selling all sorts of new Spring produce including gorgeous little crimson ripe strawberries!

I can't possibly express how excited I was to get my first strawberries of the season...I ate a few of them right away, at the market, while standing on line waiting to pay for my produce.
Spring Strawberries
I love that there are all sorts of local delicacies available at the market, like these fiddleheads!
The first yellow summer squash I've seen this year...I definitely put a few of these golden beauties in my basket!
Zucchini and Summer Squash
This red vine spinach was getting a ton of attention...isn't it beautiful?
Red Vine Spinach
I had to buy a few of these multi-colored bell peppers. This picture is definitely being added to my collection of reference photos for future drawings.
Bell Peppers
These are the first sugar snap peas I've seen this year...they're one of my favorite veggies and I look forward to snacking on them all week.
Sugar Snap Peas
Madura was also selling dried corn on the cob and big jars of popcorn kernels...such a treat!
Dried Popcorn
This Week's Harvest:
Free-Range Organic Eggs - Gaia's Breath Farm
Triple Washed Spinach - Gaia's Breath Farm
Painted Goat Feta - Gaia's Breath Farm
Dutch Girl Cheese Cumin Cheese - Gaia's Breath Farm
Fresh Mozzarella - The Farmer's Daughter
Strawberries - Madura Farms
Summer Squash - Madura Farms
Tomatoes - Madura Farms
Red Leaf Lettuce - Madura Farms
Hot House Cucumbers - Madura Farms
Sweet Potatoes - Madura Farms
Sugar Snap Peas - Madura Farms
Carrots - Madura Farms
Bell Peppers - Madura Farms
Popcorn - Madura Farms

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