Sunday, May 13, 2012

At the Market: Mother's Day at Muscoot Farm

I had a wonderful Mother's Day which included a trip to Muscoot Farm for a picnic, a stroll through their farmer's market (which opened for the season today), taking lots of pictures of old buildings, and talking to all sorts of farm animals.
Beautiful Red Barn and Blue Skies at Muscoot
The market at Muscoot has a great range of vendors, including some of the same wonderful vendors as Gossett's Farm Market. I really like going to both markets each weekend so I can get as much variety as possible.
So Many Vendors to Buy From!
Meredith's Bread immediately lured me in with their tables brimming with gorgeous baked goods. I somehow managed to resist buying one of these pies (but I was definitely tempted!) I can't wait for fresh fruit to come into season at the market so I can start baking my own pies again :)
Assorted Pies
 I DID cave and buy a loaf of their bread husband requested the 12 Grain instead of the 7 Grain arguing that the 12 Grain is obviously 5 grains better....that's just math.
Fresh-Baked Bread
We stopped by Hudson Milk where I picked up some local yogurt, cheese, and half & half. Their selection is amazing AND they do home delivery! My son Dylan was very excited that he got to sample some of their cheese.
Assorted Locally-Made Cheeses
The real excitement of going to multiple markets with lots of vendors is having an assortment of produce to choose these beautiful purple potatoes from Healthway Farms!
Purple Majesty Potatoes
Muscoot Farm is such a lovely place, I look forward to visiting their market again next Sunday!
Old Farm House at Muscoot
This Week's Harvest:
Organic 12-Grain Bread - Meredith's Bread
Stoltzfus Dairy Creamline Maple Yogurt - Hudson Milk
Battenkill Valley Creamery Half and Half - Hudson Milk
Maplebrook Cheddar Cheese Bites - Hudson Milk
Purple Majesty Potatoes - Healthway Farms

P.S. I want to thank my husband, Ed, and my baby boy, Dylan, for coming to the market with made my Mother's Day extra special!

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