Saturday, May 12, 2012

At the Market: Here Comes the Sun

I was so glad to wake up to blue skies and birds singing and brilliant sunshine after so much rain lately. I'm grateful for the wet weather we've had because I know that all the beautiful and delicious plants in the area desperately needed it, but I'm still happy that it's cleared up!

Heading to Gossett's Farm Market this morning was the perfect way to kick off Mother's Day weekend. The first thing I picked up at Madura Farms was some brilliant green cauliflower so I can finally try this recipe from Summer Tomato (which I've been wanting to make for ages!)
And I HAD to buy some spring carrots. I have a bit of a carrot obsession. It's not unusual to find me chomping away on the largest carrot I can find as an afternoon snack, like a bunny. My husband thinks this is quite entertaining.
Spring Carrots
The Farmer's Daughter had so many premade goodies for sale..pickles and pesto and pastries (oh my!) I bought some fresh mozzarella marinated with sun-dried tomatoes and basil which I plan on serving with fried polenta this week. I usually stay away from prepared food at the market because I like to make my own things from scratch, but once I tasted a sample of that marinated mozzarella I couldn't resist buying some!
Assorted Prepared Goodies
The Most Delicious Flakey Italian Pastries EVER (I totally forgot what they're called)
Migliorelli Farm has more and more veggies to offer each's wonderful to have so much to choose from! Their greens are especially amazing.
Lots of Greens from Migliorelli Farm
I was super lucky to get the last dozen colored eggs from Gaia's Breath Farm...I love cooking with these eggs all week long, and look forward to capturing their lovely colors in a drawing sometime soon!
This Week's Harvest (Including my Favorite Colored Eggs)
I didn't buy as much at the market as usual, because I'm saving some of this week's budget to spend at Muscoot Farmer's Market which is opening for the season tomorrow (I'll be sure to post on all the goodies I find there too!) 

I hope you're all enjoying this sunny weekend so far, and that you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

This Week's Harvest:
Red Leaf Lettuce - Madura Farms
Green Cauliflower - Madura Farms
Spring Carrots - Madura Farms
Gadzukes Zucchini - Madura Farms
Radishes - Madura Farms
Green Beans - Madura Farms
White Mushrooms - Madura Farms
Marinated Mozzarella - The Farmer's Daughter
Asparagus - Migliorelli Farm
Purple Scallions - Migliorelli Farm
Colored Free Range Organic Eggs - Gaia's Breath Farm

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