Monday, May 21, 2012

At the Market: Food Revolution Day!

Saturday was an incredible was Food Revolution Day and I kicked it off with a trip to Gossett's Farmer's Market to purchase ingredients to make a special meal for my family that evening. I've been inspired by Jamie Oliver ever since I watched his Food Revolution when it first aired on TV a few years ago. His passion for food education is inspiring, and his foundation does such incredible work...

“My charity aims to inspire people to reconnect with food. It's all about raising awareness and individual responsibility, resuscitating dying food culture around the world and, ultimately, keeping cooking skills alive.” Jamie Oliver

Next year I hope to get more involved with Food Revolution Day, hosting my own dinner party and raising money for the cause.

The market was super busy by the time I got there, which was wonderful to see! I'm so glad that there's so much support for our local farmers. Madura farms had all sort of lovely goodies for sale...I love the gorgeous purple colors in this spring garlic.
Spring Garlic
The sculptural forms of this fresh ginger are amazing!
Fresh Ginger
I love discovering new things at the market like this darling blooming tat soy.
Tat Soy
And look at the amazing texture of these portobello mushrooms!
Portobello Mushrooms
Next stop was Migliorelli Farm, where I immediately fell in love with these golden beets!
Golden Beets
Migliorelli had tons of fresh produce for sale, including some of the prettiest greens around. But all the kiddos running around the market were totally focused on these cider donuts...
Cider Donuts
Migliorelli also sells a variety of premade items including apple sauce, apple cider, tomato sauce and tomato juice. Doesn't it all look delicious?
Premade Goodies from Migliorelli Farm
I'm so glad I got to the market in time to buy the last feta, cumin cheese, and eggs from Gaia's Breath Farm
Assorted Cheeses from Gaia's Breath Farm
I needed to stock up on honey so I stopped by Bee Guy Apiaries.
Local Honey
In addition to the tastiest honey I've ever had, they sell beeswax candles in a variety of shapes and sizes. I love these intricate pine cone candles!
Beeswax Candles
I picked up a delicious Three-Grain Country French Batard from Wave Hill Breads.
Assorted Breads from Wave Hill Breads
The Farmer's Daughter had lots of premade foods, fresh mozzarella and these beautiful croissants for sale. 
Freshly Baked Croissants
I bought so many wonderful things at the market this week...I can't wait to cook them all!
My Market Goodies
This Week's Harvest:
Sweet Potatoes - Madura Farms
Garlic Scapes - Madura Farms
Cilantro - Madura Farms
Yellow Onion - Madura Farms
Asparagus - Madura Farms
Hothouse Cucumbers - Madura Farms
Red Bell Pepper - Madura Farms
Celery - Madura Farms
Carrots - Madura Farms
Red Leaf Lettuce - Madura Farms
Green Leaf Lettuce - Madura Farms
Vine Ripe Tomatoes - Madura Farms
Grape Tomatoes - Madura Farms
Organic Free Range Colored Eggs - Gaia's Breath Farm
Painted Goat Feta - Gaia's Breath Farm
Dutch Girl Cheese Cumin Cheese - Gaia's Breath Farm
Rhubarb - Migliorelli Farm
Golden Beets (and Beet Greens) - Migliorelli Farm
Mutsu Apples - Migliorelli Farm
Local Honey - Bee Guy Apiaries
Three-Grain Country French Batard - Wave Hill Breads
Fresh Mozzarella - The Farmer's Daughter

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