Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At the Market: April Abundance

I totally meant to write this post on Saturday after I got back from Gossett's Farmer's Market, but then I had to make these cupcakes for my little monkey's first birthday party on Sunday and they took FOREVER (these are by NO means local or organic or all natural...I hope to do better next year!)
Monkey Cupcakes - NOT from the Farmer's Market :)
Then I meant to post on Sunday, but I was so busy preparing for, enjoying and then cleaning up from Dylan's favorite part was the gift opening...little kids get such fun things!
"Mommy likes to pretend she's a farmer" - playing with Dylan's new plastic watering can.
Monday morning I woke up with the beginning of a 48-hour-long migraine, so no staring at computer screens for me. Don't worry, I used the time wisely, reading The Hunger Games trilogy - reading about people starving made me especially thankful for the abundance of amazing locally grown food I have access to!

So, here we are on Wednesday and I'm finally writing...I haven't blogged or worked on my new piece, "Triad" at all this week, but I sure have been eating well!

There was so much AMAZING produce at the market on Saturday, it was really difficult for me to limit my purchases. I HAD to have some of Madura Farms' snow peas...and then I HAD to eat a handful of them directly out of my market basket the moment I got home...they taste like springtime.
Snow Peas
I also HAD to buy these gorgeous red potatoes so I could make potato salad for Dylan's party. Have you ever had potato salad made with local potatoes, celery, scallions and dill? It's both the bees knees AND the cat's pajamas...I totally will be posting my recipe here soon!

Red Potatoes
These yellow oyster mushrooms from Madura Farms might be the prettiest things I've seen all darn beautiful.
Yellow Oyster Mushrooms
The eggs I got from Gaia's Breath Farm this week are amazing...all different sizes and colors. I swear I petted them and stared at them and gushed over them for several minutes before buying them. 
Organic Free-Range Eggs
And then I bought these lovely little Parisian Market carrots. They taste more "carroty" than any other carrot I've ever flavor explosion.
Parisian Market Carrots
In addition to tables full of gorgeous greens, Migliorelli Farm was selling some beautiful purple scallions...I love the color contrast of the reddish purple and yellowish green in these. Definitely drawing-worthy.
Purple Scallions

Having so much to choose from is wonderful and a bit overwhelming...and it's only going to get more challenging in the coming weeks as more farmer's markets open for the season (Gossett's is the only year-round market that I've been to).

This Week's Harvest:
Red Potatoes - Madura Farms
Gadzukes Zucchini - Madura Farms
Red Leaf Lettuce - Madura Farms
Snow Peas - Madura Farms
Vine Ripe Tomatoes - Madura Farms
Green Cauliflower - Madura Farms
Hot House Cucumbers - Madura Farms
Ramps - Gaia's Breath Farm
Parisian Market Carrots - Gaia's Breath Farm
Free-Range Organic Eggs - Gaia's Breath Farm
Spring Turnips - Migliorelli Farm
Scallions - Migliorelli Farm
Spinach - Migliorelli Farm
Radishes - Migliorelli Farm
Broccoli Rabe - Migliorelli Farm

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