Saturday, May 12, 2012

Artwork in Progress: "Triad" Part 2

 I finally got back to drawing on Thursday after an almost 2-week-long hiatus. I was literally "under the weather" for a few weeks with a cloud-and-rain-induced migraine (and migraines make it really difficult to work on art). Luckily the sunshine has reappeared and I'm happy to be drawing again!

Here's where I left off a few weeks ago, with the very beginnings of a black and white drawing....

I knew after completing the contour line thumbnail sketch for this piece that it was going to be a complicated one. The different textures, numerous veins and folds in the leaves, and the bright highlights and deep shadows make for an exciting but challenging composition.
You can see that that this drawing is relatively small (6"x8") which means drawing lots of teeny-tiny details.
 Here's where I left off at the end of the day Friday...with the main lines of the entire composition sketched, and a few of the leaves worked through.
I'm excited to get back to it on Monday, but in the mean time I plan on thoroughly enjoying this gorgeous Mother's Day weekend! I hope you have a great one too :)

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