Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art for Sale: Wilting Beauty (Colored Pencil Drawing)

"Wilting Beauty" 2012 - Prismacolor Pencil on Paper
Can I let you in on a little secret? Up until very recently, I really didn't think I was that good of an artist. I can come up with some pretty interesting ideas, and I learn new techniques quickly, but that doesn't mean I had ANY self-confidence in my abilities as an artist.

I always did well in my college and graduate school art classes, but never really felt like I stood out. My main problem is that I work really slowly, and I like to focus on little details of things instead of the big picture. So I'd be in life drawing class, and I'd have 20 minutes to do a drawing of the model, and all I would manage to draw in that amount of time would be the cloth draped on the platform where the model was posing.

That drapery would be fantastic...all the highlights and shadows of the folded material carefully rendered in conte crayon. But it wasn't what I was supposed to be drawing. So yeah, I never really impressed my professors during class.

But then we would have homework, and I'd have as much time as I wanted to complete my assignments and when I would bring my work into class my teachers would look at me in total disbelief, like they couldn't fathom that someone who was so unimpressive in class could actually create such good work at home.

This lead me to believe that there was something wrong with the way that I work, that I couldn't be a good artist because I'm so darn slow. So I gave up on taking my art seriously, and for a while, gave up on creating art altogether.

Then something happened a few months ago...I got the urge to create again, to apply pretty colors to blank surfaces. Being a stay-at-home mom in a small apartment with no dedicated studio space I realized that I couldn't go back to my old favorite mediums (oil painting and printmaking) because they're so messy and involve the use of all sorts of not-safe-for-babies chemical.

I had an unopened set of Prismacolor colored pencils in a closet that my mom had given me a few years ago, so I thought I'd try them out. I sat down with some paper, a rainbow of freshly-sharpened pencils, and a reference photo I took of a wilting piece of red leaf lettuce.

After several weeks of work, experimenting with layering different colors and using a variety of blending techniques, "Wilting Beauty" was born. This drawing has changed my life...it has increased my confidence as an artist, taught me that I can be a full-time-mom and an artist too, and has inspired me to take my work seriously.

I'm very proud to announce that prints of "Wilting Beauty" in a variety of sizes are available for purchase through Fine Art America. I also have designed several products with this image printed on them that are available for purchase through my Zazzle store including:

I hope you'll take a look!

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