Thursday, May 24, 2012

Art for Sale: Triad Study (Graphite Pencil Drawing)

"Triad Study" - Graphite Pencil on Paper
Creating a work of art is a process. For me, the first part process goes something like this...
  1. Go to the farmer's market...scour the produce bins for the "perfect" fruit or vegetable. Regret the fact that you got to the market at 11am instead of 9am, and missed out on the best stuff. Try to find beauty in what remains.
  2. At home, take hundreds of reference photos of your farmer's market finds, readjusting the angles and light and placement of the subjects until you get it "just right."
  3. Narrow down your photos to your best one...discard the rest so they don't eat all of your computer's memory.
  4. Edit the winning photo...straighten, crop, saturate, increase contrast...make it bold and beautiful. 
  5. Start to fret that you could never create a drawing that looks as good as your reference photo. Briefly contemplate becoming a photographer instead.
  6. Look at your previous drawings, realize that you ARE talented, become motivated to start drawing again. 
  7. Create thumbnail sketches to figure out how to transfer your composition from the photo to paper. Enjoy the visual simplicity of your little drawings. 
  8. Bust out your graphite pencils, sharpen them to dangerous points, and arrange them in perfect order. Inhale their comforting scent, and imagine being back in school.
  9. Draw your black and white value study, exploring the shapes and textures of your piece, focusing on creating bright highlights and dark shadows.
  10. Realize that your graphite pencil value study is pretty darn interesting, and decide to sell prints of it. Some folks like to decorate with black and white, right?
I'm very proud to announce that prints of "Triad Study" in a variety of sizes are available for purchase through Fine Art America. I also have designed several products with this image printed on them that are available for purchase through my Zazzle store including:

I hope you'll take a look!

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