Friday, April 27, 2012

Artwork in Progress: "Triad" Part 1

Boy am I glad to be working on art again after more than a week away. I started a new piece this week based on a trio of gorgeous bok choy cabbages which I picked up at Gosset's Farmer's Market a few weeks ago.

First I did a not-so-quick thumbnail sketch to figure out the composition. The variety of shapes and textures in the image make it way more complicated than my last piece. Complicated is good - it's intimidating and challenging and exactly what I need to grow as an artist.

They're called "thumbnail" sketches because of their tiny size relative to the human thumbnail (true story!) can see how just small the sketch is in this picture.

On Wednesday I started a black and white study of the piece. I started off by measuring and taping off my drawing area, then drew a very light grid on my paper to help me sketch out the composition. All of these steps require precision which is SO not my strong suit. Maybe I can convince my husband Ed to to take over paper-prepping duties...he's remarkably meticulous.

A close-up detail after my first hour of drawing...leaves are complicated.

And here's where I left off at the end of the day today. It's starting to come together, but it's probably going to take me all of next week to finish this study.

This time around I've decided to take my time with my value drawing and use higher quality paper in hopes of selling prints and the original. I've realized that the black and white studies which I create in preparation for my colored pencil drawings have the potential to be fully-realized works of art themselves.

Hope y'all had a beautiful and inspiring week, and that you're looking forward to fresh air and farmer's markets this weekend!


  1. Wow!
    I really like all of your drawings, my best work is stick figures. =)

    1. Thanks Gracey! Everyone's got there thing...for me it's art (cooking and music too). But don't throw a ball or frisbee or anything else in my direction and expect me to catch it (High School gym class was THE WORST!)


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