Friday, April 6, 2012

Artwork in Progress: "On the Vine" Part 2

I love colors. 

Seriously, I don't understand how people can have a "favorite" color...they're all so amazing. 

I started working with color on my new piece this week. Taking an image and recreating it in color is way more complicated than drawing it in black and white (for me at least). I'm always nervous and excited when it's time to pick out colors for a piece.

I usually start by staring at my reference photo for a crazy long time, studying each square inch for ages, looking at it till my eyes literally ache. It can be intense and incredibly surprising discovering the myriad of colors in an image.

Here's my list of colors to use for this piece...lots of reds and greens of course, but also some sunny yellows and oranges to make the tomatoes appear more luminous, and some lovely purples and rose colors to indicate shadows on the vines and reflected light from the tomatoes.

I totally need to build up a color swatch catalog of my pencils to make the color selection process easier in the future.

Once my colors were picked I did a quick study of a single tomato to figure out how to layer my pencils on the tomatoes, the vine and the background. I'm experimenting with some new techniques in this piece, applying turpenoid (a solvent) to some layers to create a combines watercolor/drawing effect.

Time to start working on the final piece...I measured and taped off my drawing area on some mixed-media paper (I needed a paper suitable for drawing and watercolor because I'm using the turpenoid) and started sketching out the composition.

This is what it looks like when I'm working...all of my stuff spread out on a folding table in my living room. Someday I'll have a dedicated studio space, but in the mean time this totally works.

One layer of pencil applied, a gazillion to go. My husband, Ed, is a total wise-guy...looking at the drawing in this stage he felt compelled to remind me that the tomatoes should be red :)

Here's where I'm at with the piece at the end of the week...really enjoying to so far!

I hope y'all have a great weekend...try to get to a farmers market if you can :)

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