Friday, March 30, 2012

Artwork in Progress: "On the Vine" Part 1

A trip to the farmers market at Gossett's Nursery in South Salem last Saturday provided me with some fresh inspiration for my new piece. Madura Farm, one of my favorite vendors at this market, has a wide range of beautiful and and delicious greenhouse-grown produce available throughout the winter. This visit I was especially "drawn" to their gorgeous on-the-vine tomatoes (ha!)

After taking some quick reference photos to work from, I started roughly sketching out the composition for my next drawing. For this piece, I decided to place equal focus on the the vine and the tomatoes themselves, counterbalancing the plump roundness of the tomatoes with the angularity of the vine.

Once I figured out the composition, I started a black-and-white graphite pencil drawing of the image, a value study to help me figure out the various highlights and shadows throughout the picture.

This study also helped me understand the pencil strokes needed to represent the curvature of the tomatoes and the various textures throughout the piece.  

Value studies take time, and sometimes I'm tempted skip them and just start working with color, but they're SO helpful!

Note to self: next time use "drawing" instead of "sketching" paper for my value study.  With a little more work, I think I'd like this study enough to mat and frame it, but the paper quality isn't good enough....lessons learned :)

I'm starting to get pretty excited to see what this drawing will look like in color...

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